E. S.

Para la que es fuerte y sabia: May these words be the first To find your ears. The world is brighter than the sun Now that you’re here. Though your eyes will need some time to adjust To the overwhelming light surrounding us, I’ll give you everything I have. I’ll teach you everything I know. […]

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How did we ever get so good?

We’re taking turns At shattering apart. At least we’re taking turns. How did we get so good At dismantling these hearts? How did we ever get so good? We dress our best To receive their sympathy. At our worst, we dress our best? “Time heals all” According to these greeting cards. Oh how we’d rather […]

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it’s happening again

I swear it is true The past isn’t dead It’s alive, it is happening In the back of my head   No future, no past No laws of time Can undo what is happening When I close my eyes And with the stars and the moon I woke up in the night In the same […]

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They won’t know who we are So we both can pretend It’s written on the mountains A line that never ends   As the devil spoke we spilled out on the floor And the pieces broke and the people wanted more And the rugged wheel is turning another round   Dorian, carry on, Will you […]

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